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Land Leveling

Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama

Tractor & Pan Scrapers - Graders

GPS Automatics - Scrapers & Graders

3D GPS Excavators for Precise Drainage

Retention Pond Digging

Top Loading & Muck Removal

Clearing & Creation of new borrow areas


GPS On-Site Topo Creation

Drone Survey  Photogrammetric Topo (Non-Lidar)

3D Model Creation & Slope analysis

Best Value Haul Plans Created

Land Leveling

Patriot Industries Land Leveling

A Start to Finish

Land Leveling Resource

We will meet to understand your objectives, conduct a topographic survey of your property, and create a number of earthmoving and Leveling strategies to meet your goals and budgets. 

We understand that time is of the essence!  Once plans are 

finalized and the window of time to level a property

arrives, we take advantage of every oppourtunity to

move as much earth as possible.

Patriot Industries Tractor & Scraper Pans
Patriot Industries Heavy Civil
Patriot Industries Tractor & Scraper Pans
Land Leveling - Tractor & Scrapers
Earth Work With Scraper Pan
Tractor & Scraper Pan - Patriot Industries
Earth Work / Heavy Civil with Tractor & Scraper Pan
Patriot Industries Heavy Civil Dirtwork
Patriot Industries Dozer Machine Control
Patriot Industries Tractor & Pan Scraper
Tractor & Scraper Pan Earthwork
Patriot Industries Excavation
Tractor & Pan Scrapers
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